Make A Feast With The Best Gas Grill Under $200

Selecting the best grill for under $200 is not an easy task.

Majority of shoppers have to contend with hours and hours researching online stores as well as speaking to salespeople.

This is quite frustrating as one may even end up with the wrong product.

Summer is just around the corner and you need a new grill for barbeques with your family and friends.

You no longer have to spend countless hours researching online or speaking with “specialists”.

Below is a list of the best gas grill under $200 you need to know.

Weber Q120 Portable gas Grill
Known today as the Q1200, The Weber Portable gas grill offers you 189 square inches of cooking area.

The unit is designed to be portable therefore you can carry it wherever you go.

It is designed to fire up quickly thanks to the electronic ignition.

As a well constructed grill, the lid and the body are made from cast aluminum and are fitted with a glass reinforced nylon frame.

It has a single tubular burner that operates at 8,500 BTU.

It utilizes a 14.1 ounce LP cylinder therefore making it handy to use.

It comes with a 5 year warranty on most parts which assure the customer of protection.

Char-Griller 3001 Grilling Pro

As one of the best gas grill under $200, it is fitted with three stainless steel burners which assure the user of cooking different meals at a go.

It offers the user with 438 square inch of main cooking area and a 192 square inch of warming rack.

The burners operate at 40,800 BTU while the side burner operates at 12,000 BTU.

It is made of porcelain coated cast-iron grates and is fitted with an electronic ignition for easy firing up.

When turned on, it heats up very fast and delivers 600 degrees temperature in rapid time.

Using the grill for low heating is a pleasure but things may get uneven when cranked up.

Char-Broil 3 Burner Gas Grill

As one of the best gas grill under $200, it offers the user 554 square inch of cooking area with metal shelves on either side.

It is fitted with a push button ignition system and a built in temperature gauge that allows the user to know what’s happening in its belly.

As a simple unit to assemble, one can easily control the three burners independently.

It has porcelain coated wire cooking grates that assure the user of durability and long term service.

Cuisinart CGG-240 All Foods Roll Away Gas Grill

This grill is designed to offer the user with 240 square inches of cast iron grill cooking area which is enough to prepare a feast of upto 8 adults.

The burner operates at 15,000 BTU therefore complement the grill’s cooking area well.

It has an easy to use Twist Start mechanism which can be operated with a single hand therefore lighting up the grill easily.

It takes a few minutes to reach the optimum cooking temperature.

When selecting the best gas grill under $200, you need to check the quality of material used to make it as well as the ease of use.

This helps to ensure that you have a durable product.