Do You Sweat Excessively? Here Is The Best Antiperspirant For You!

Wet armpits and the associated strong smell are products are really embarrassing.

But when sweating is excessive, it becomes a social problem.

For this reason, you need an antiperspirant to dry up and brighten your armpits as well as produce a mask smell that serves to counteract the awful pungent smell from the sweaty armpits.

Most antiperspirants come as deodorants and usually indicate prescription and clinical strength which are inscribed on the can.

The two important things you need to put into consideration before buying an antiperspirant is whether it comes as a pray or a roll-on.

Are you asking yourself which type of antiperspirant you need to buy? Here is a list of best antiperspirant for excessive sweating:


Unlike most other antiperspirants that turn out to be abrasive, Odaban is soft on the skin.

It comes as a spray and can be applied to the face as well if you are having excessive facial sweating.

Odaban contains 20% aluminum chloride which is well below the FDA set limit of 25%.

A 30ml bottle of Odaban goes at $18 making it one of the expensive antiperspirant on the market.

Two precautions though, do not apply it on a wet skin so ensure you dry the surface first before spraying to prevent irritation.

Also, do not over-apply because it will block your pores leading to more sweating.


Driclor is so popular that the relaxed person next to you on the subway is probably using it already.

Unlike Odaban, it comes as a roll-on rather than a spray.

It is soft on the skin and leaves your sweating armpits, palms and face dry and fresh.

It prevents sweating by leaving a thin layer of gel on the skin which partially blocks the pores.

It is recommended that you apply Driclor at night and wash it off in the morning.

Certain Dri

Certain Dri is great for people with a sensitive skin that can’t stand other highly potent and strong antiperspirants.

It is a roll-on just like Driclor but has much lower concentration of the active ingredient, just 12% of aluminum chloride, which isn’t as aggressive on your skin as it tends to be in higher concentrations.

As a result, the itching you feel when using other brands such as Driclor and Odaban is greatly reduced.

A 35ml roll-on bottle of Certain Dri costs just five bucks making it one of the cheapest antiperspirants out there.

Anhydrol Forte

It is a prescription antiperspirant in roll-on form.

It has one of the highest concentrations of the active ingredient which comes in a slightly enhanced form called aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

It is not yet clear whether it is six times potent due to the added hexahydrate.

To minimize the irritation – which is due to the exceptionally high concentration of aluminum chloride hydrate – it is recommended you don’t apply it during the hot but rather at night just before going to bed and then washing it in the morning when you wake up.