Why Choose The Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

When it comes to choosing the right beach umbrella, it can sometimes be a difficult decision and a hard choice to make especially when we are pampered with so many different options to choose from.

In order to choose the right beach umbrella for yourself, you should first think of the features you ought to be looking out for in them.

Beach umbrellas should mainly be light and portable as you would need to carry them around, but yet strong enough to withstand strong winds and should also be easy to assemble or store.

The Tommy Bahama beach umbrella meets all of this criterion and is definitely a great recommendation for anyone who is looking to purchase a beach umbrella.

This beach umbrella by Tommy Bahama costs less than 40 US dollars most of the time and can be gotten from places like Walmart without any big issues.

It is also lightweight, portable and very easy to carry around, but yet sturdy and strong.

It mainly comes in two colors – orange, red and blue, and is also able to provide ample shade for at least two lying adults.

The rib extenders which are used to keep the umbrella spread out open are also made of thick plastic instead of sturdy metal, which helps to keep the umbrella light.

This also helps to keep anyone safe in case the umbrella collapses for any reason and the person might be hit by the metal rib extenders if they were made of metal instead of plastic.

This beach umbrella also boasts to be able to help protect against UV rays so that you do not have to worry about applying sunblock lotion as frequently when bringing lying under the umbrella.

The manufacturer on the site states that the silver lining found on the umbrella is around UPF 50+ sun protection if you are still not convinced.

When folded down, the umbrella is around three feet long when collapsed which is not really that small but still good enough to be easily carried and ported around.

It also comes with a beautiful carrying case with many different designs that you can choose from.

There are a few complaints on certain sites like Amazon about the Tommy Bahama beach umbrella, but when you scrutinize their posts more closely, you would actually realize that they might not have understood how to use the umbrella properly.

For instance, they might not have locked the umbrella correctly after extending it, which makes it not as sturdy and stable as it should be.

Or they might not have planted it in the sand or ground in the proper way which caused it to be uprooted and blown away by the wind too easily.

But if you follow the instructions properly in the manual given, this would never happen.

So what are you waiting for? If you have all along been trying to purchase the perfect beach umbrella for yourself or for your loved ones, do not wait any longer – the Tommy Bahama beach umbrella is definitely the right one for you, and you can purchase it easily online at Amazon or at the vendor’s site and have them ship it to you in no time at all.

Getting Inexpensive Beach Chairs

No one wants to have to spend too much on beach furniture.

Even the people who like to invest a lot in their furniture are usually just going to want to go with something that is going to be functional when it comes to their beach furniture, and that includes getting inexpensive beach chairs.

Beach furniture needs to be portable, and portable furniture is often going to be reduced in terms of quality compared to other types of furniture.

Beach furniture is also partly going to have to be designed in order to be resistant to the effects of water and sand.

The fanciest furniture is going to be terribly affected by water and sand, which is going to make it that much more important for people to avoid feeling like they have to spend a lot of money on the more expensive beach chairs out there.

Clearance beach chairs are fortunately everywhere, and it should be easy for most people to find them in a wide range of different low prices.

Clearance beach chairs are partly going to be widely available because beach chairs are such a seasonal item.

Few people are going to buy new beach chairs or go to the beach until it’s summertime or close to summer time.

Stores are going to order a lot of new products when this season starts approaching.

They’re usually going to have to exceed their expectations in order to avoid running out of their products.

From there, they should manage to turn a profit, especially because they’re just going to be able to sell all of their excess beach chairs at a diminished price when the season is finished.

Many of the people who are going to buy discount beach chairs aren’t going to have to worry about timing everything correctly if they’re going to buy everything online.

Discount beach chairs will always be available online.

However, it is still often a good idea to shop for clearance beach chairs months before summertime, when even the online retailers are going to be that much more desperate to get rid of everything that they have before the next season starts.

Waiting retailers out as they try harder and harder to lower the price is often going to be a good idea for the people who are hoping to save as much money as possible on their next purchases, and clearance beach chairs will often only get cheaper the longer they have been released on the market.

Some clearance beach chairs are going to be available for less than twenty dollars, which can make all the difference in the world for the people who are trying to save on them as much as possible.

Some beach chairs are going to be a little bit more expensive.

However, especially if people purchase them at the right time of year, these clearance beach chairs should still be high-quality for the people who find them.

Choosing The Best Deodorant For Smelly Armpits

Sweating is a natural function of the body, however it is not one that we like to embrace.

That’s because sweating can lead to serious body odor.

However, the right deodorant can keep all odor and moisture away without irritating your skin.

This is why it’s best to choose your deodorant wisely.

Qualities Of An Excellent Deodorant

When choosing the best deodorant for smelly armpits, there are certain criteria that you should keep in mind.

First and foremost, the best deodorants lasts all day.

Many claims to last 24 to 48 hours.

Though this can be a bit of an exaggeration you should never have to apply your deodorant more than once throughout the day.

The best deodorants also work to fight odor and wetness and will cut these things off at the source.

Even on the hottest day or during extreme physical activity, the deodorant should be able to keep you dry.

Even if you don’t remain completely dry, you should notice very little moisture.

Another quality of a great deodorant is that it dries quickly.

You shouldn’t feel as if the deodorant is sticking to your clothes or leaving a lot of residue behind.

When deodorants dry slowly, it can be extremely uncomfortable and hard to clean up.

Finally, you should be on the look out for a deodorant that doesn’t irritate your skin.

Deodorants with harsh ingredients will usually lead to rashes on people who have sensitive skin.

This is especially the case if the deodorant is used right after shaving.

Other Factors To Consider

When choosing the best deodorant for smelly armpits, you should also consider how they will work with your skin and body chemistry.

You should decide whether you want antiperspirants, deodorants or both.

Antiperspirants help to block your sweat ducts and reduce the perspiration as well as the odor that goes with it.

Deodorants contain bacteria-fighting ingredients to reduce odor, but do little to prevent sweating.

Many products contain both antiperspirant and deodorants to do both.

Are you interested in scented, fragrance-free or unscented?

Scented deodorants have a pleasant smell and can mask odor, but some individuals prefer unscented deodorants (although “unscented” deodorants also contain certain masking fragrances).

If you are particularly sensitive to fragrances, then look for deodorants that are marked as “fragrance-free.”

You should also consider whether or not you prefer to use natural deodorants.

“Natural,” deodorants are aluminum-free and can’t prevent perspiration.

Their ingredients do not have the ability to block sweat ducts and can only provide the deodorizing benefits.

If antiperspirants have ever given you rashes then you should avoid putting them on right after you shower or shave — this is when they are more likely to irritate the skin.

If this does not help, you should try a different ingredient.

Some people have bad reactions to antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride, while other people are more sensitive to aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex glycine.

As you can see, if you are interested in finding the best deodorant for smelly armpits it takes a lot of attention to detail.

There are several options available.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preference and what chemicals work best with your skin.

Propane Grill & Safety – What to Look at Besides the Brand?

Although the brand is important when choosing a propane grill, that’s not the only thing which you should look at.

In fact, to be able to spot better deals, it’s good to know the little features that can highly increase your safety, and in turn, make or break your grilling experience.

And, since a high-quality grill is not something that you buy every day, knowing how to choose the best propane grill can save you a lot of money and change your every grilling session into an amazing feast.

Safety comes first

The first thing that you should look at when choosing a grill is safety.

Because propane is stored in a liquid form, and in a high-pressure environment of the tank, it’s crucial that your grill’s security is top-notch.

Also, remember that since propane is denser than air, a leaking gas will sink into any enclosed areas.

That’s why, you should pay attention to how you store your grill indoor – avoid any risky situations and always check it for any potential leaks, especially if it’s connected to a gas canister.

The next thing you should consider is the grill’s overall build.

Stability is important – make sure it’s well-balanced and not easy to knock over.

And wasting your food is not the worst thing that could happen.

It’s extremely dangerous for you and everyone not only because it poses a risk of other people falling with it, but a potential damage of the gas canister could end up in a disaster.

Choosing the best propane grill is not all about its stability and gas concerns.

Take a look at the edges and metal corners – if they are too sharp, you or other people could potentially harm themselves.

The same goes for the handle – if it’s too hot, you could burn yourself.

The heat can make or break your feast

Of course, the heat is important not only for safety concerns.

In the end, it all comes down to cooking and eating those delicious steaks.

In fact, when it comes to grilling even thin steaks, if you want them well-done, you need a high temperature.

It’s easy to get one with a charcoal grill, especially those in which your food is quite low, but most propane grills may not hit the desired heat levels.

That’s why, the best propane grill is one which comes with infrared burners, which heat ceramic or glass plates which in turn radiates more heat to your meat.

Moreover, the food from that type of propane grill is usually juicer and the heating time is much lower.

What about pricing?

The truth is, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Prices for small propane grills start as low as $200, and with a few hundreds more, you can get the best propane grill you may need.

Sometimes the $x,xxx grills don’t even outperform those bought a much cheaper.

Keep in mind though that the price will depend a lot on the size of the grill and additional features, and, in the end, you are paying for an experience.

That’s why you should never devalue your time spent grilling and treat your propane grill as an investment.

Make A Feast With The Best Gas Grill Under $200

Selecting the best grill for under $200 is not an easy task.

Majority of shoppers have to contend with hours and hours researching online stores as well as speaking to salespeople.

This is quite frustrating as one may even end up with the wrong product.

Summer is just around the corner and you need a new grill for barbeques with your family and friends.

You no longer have to spend countless hours researching online or speaking with “specialists”.

Below is a list of the best gas grill under $200 you need to know.

Weber Q120 Portable gas Grill

Known today as the Q1200, The Weber Portable gas grill offers you 189 square inches of cooking area.

The unit is designed to be portable therefore you can carry it wherever you go.

It is designed to fire up quickly thanks to the electronic ignition.

As a well constructed grill, the lid and the body are made from cast aluminum and are fitted with a glass reinforced nylon frame.

It has a single tubular burner that operates at 8,500 BTU.

It utilizes a 14.1 ounce LP cylinder therefore making it handy to use.

It comes with a 5 year warranty on most parts which assure the customer of protection.

Char-Griller 3001 Grilling Pro

As one of the best gas grill under $200, it is fitted with three stainless steel burners which assure the user of cooking different meals at a go.

It offers the user with 438 square inch of main cooking area and a 192 square inch of warming rack.

The burners operate at 40,800 BTU while the side burner operates at 12,000 BTU.

It is made of porcelain coated cast-iron grates and is fitted with an electronic ignition for easy firing up.

When turned on, it heats up very fast and delivers 600 degrees temperature in rapid time.

Using the grill for low heating is a pleasure but things may get uneven when cranked up.

Char-Broil 3 Burner Gas Grill

As one of the best gas grill under $200, it offers the user 554 square inch of cooking area with metal shelves on either side.

It is fitted with a push button ignition system and a built in temperature gauge that allows the user to know what’s happening in its belly.

As a simple unit to assemble, one can easily control the three burners independently.

It has porcelain coated wire cooking grates that assure the user of durability and long term service.

Cuisinart CGG-240 All Foods Roll Away Gas Grill

This grill is designed to offer the user with 240 square inches of cast iron grill cooking area which is enough to prepare a feast of upto 8 adults.

The burner operates at 15,000 BTU therefore complement the grill’s cooking area well.

It has an easy to use Twist Start mechanism which can be operated with a single hand therefore lighting up the grill easily.

It takes a few minutes to reach the optimum cooking temperature.

When selecting the best gas grill under $200, you need to check the quality of material used to make it as well as the ease of use.

This helps to ensure that you have a durable product.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Safely With A Steamer

Nobody likes bugs in a home, and bed bugs are particularly disgusting.

Bed bugs don’t just crawl around on the floor or even invade food cabinets.

They like to take residence in the place we consider to be most private – our own bed.

Even worse, bed bugs bite.

There’s nothing more distasteful than waking up in the morning to discover tiny specks of blood on your tee-shirt or nightgown.

At that point, many people jump out of bed and begin to place blame.

There’s a mistaken idea that bed bugs are the result of a dirty house.

The truth is that these bugs are difficult to eradicate, populate quickly, and can be carried into your home unawares by almost anybody.

In many cases, their eggs are too tiny to see with the naked eye.

Not only that, but they have become a national problem.

Virtually every major city and every state has reported problems with this tenacious bug.

Health Problems From Bed Bugs

Although the bites of bed bugs are not known to carry diseases, like mosquito bites, they do itch.

If you have a problem with bed bugs, you may have trouble getting to sleep at night.

More serious is the problem of allergies.

The bugs produce a saliva that can cause allergies.

Homeowners who use bug remedies they buy from the store can be allergic to the pesticides they contain, too.

Even some of the professional pest control companies use chemicals which can contribute to allergies.

Why Can’t Washing My Bed Sheets Eradicate Bed Bugs?

Washing your bed sheets in hot water helps, but probably won’t completely remove a bed bug problem.

Here’s why: Bed bugs love to hide not only in your sheets, but in the creases of your mattress, in bed frames and box springs, and behind your bed headboard.

Bug eggs are tiny and numerous.

A single female can lay 5 eggs daily, and 250 eggs in its lifetime.

Safe Removal Of Bed Bugs

There is a much safer way to eradicate the problem of bed bugs.

Steam produced under very high heat can kill them.

If you are having a problem with this nasty bug in your own home, you should look carefully at the best steamers for bed bugs.

You can purchase a steamer for your own home for between $45.00 and $300.00, depending on how many features you would like on the unit.

Steamers are a hypoallergenic way to get rid of bed bugs.

They are safer for you, your baby, and your pets.

In addition, they are safer for the environment.

Steamers can direct very hot steam heat into cracks and crevices of your furniture.

They contain a cleaning nozzle to guide the steam where you need it.

Things To Look For In A Steamer

Bed bug steamers offer many different features for you to consider, but there are some very important ones to look for.

Steam must be hot enough to kill eggs, so look for a steamer temperature of 200 degrees fahrenheit.

Since residual moisture contributes to the growth of mold, you will also want to find a unit that emits dry vapor.

Look for models that have different size nozzles for various applications.

You may also want to choose a unit with a larger water tank.

This will save you from having to refill the unit often, if your problem is a large one.

Remember that you should always follow manufacturer safety precautions whenever you are using steam equipment.

The best steamers for bed bugs may cost a little more, but they are very effective to treat a bed bug problem yourself, or to supplement professional treatments you get from others.

Planning An Outdoor Trip And Folding Loveseat Camp Chair Purchases

A relaxing day at a camp site is a picture that most people visualize when they are at the office working hard for weeks at a time.

Planning these trips and making them reality is a challenge that most people face because they may not have the time or money to spend in this kind of fun outdoor activity.

However, once the individual finds a little time for themselves and their family, they usually quickly carve out a weekend or even a full week so that they can take the whole family on an interesting and relaxing excursion.

Before leaving on this kind of vacation, there are numerous things that the person must do if they want to have a good relaxing time.

So, when they have decided to go to a nearby campsite in their town or surrounding areas, they may need to make the proper preparations as quickly as possible.

Preparing for a day away

In short, part of the preparations for a day at a nearby campsite is buying the right type of camping chair.

Since there are different types of camping chairs available today that many manufacturers are offering, most people like to know what the most popular types are prior to making an investment.

So, for those of you who are interested in making the best choice, you may want to consider buying a folding loveseat camping chair.

This chair is ideal for people who are traveling with a companion, specifically those that they want to spend a little or a lot extra time with since it has been designed with closeness and comfort in mind.

Shopping for the best loveseat camping chairs

Shopping for these kinds of camping chairs can be a little challenging if the person is not familiar with the features and quality that they normally contain.

However, once the person has completed all of their research, they usually discover that they have numerous options and choices to make their selections from.

For instance, if the person has quite a bit of money that they want to spend on a folding loveseat camping chair, they may search the Internet to find those that have been made by some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

Which means, they can camp in style or they may simply be roughing it out with others that travel with them.

Either way, the folding loveseat camping chair is ideal for numerous reasons.

In some cases, a husband and wife may plan a fun and exciting trip together and they want to spend time together around a warm and cozy campfire.

Therefore, instead of taking two different camping chairs to relax around a campfire, they can enjoy more closeness by taking the folding loveseat camping chair with them on their excursion.

The cost of these camping chairs can often vary greatly from one manufacturer to another.

So, each individual will need to establish their own budgets and pricing needs prior to making their purchase.

Nautica Beach Umbrella Review

While buying oneself a new beach umbrella is typically a rather easy ordeal, putting in the research necessary to acquire the perfect beach umbrella to suit your specific needs can prove to be more than worth the hassle inherent in the process.

In fact, buying the right umbrella can not only increase your overall level of comfort on the beach, but can even dramatically increase how much protection from the sun you have to work with on hot days.

Just because an umbrella is giving you shade, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting complete protection from all of the sun’s rays.

If UV rays are your primary concern when shopping for a new umbrella, the below product will likely be for you due to its high UPF (a metric which measures the rate which a material can block rays).

Let’s take a look.

Nautica Beach Umbrella Overview

Advertised as being one of the better products out there when it comes to UV protection, the Nautica Beach Umbrella is certainly one of the best of its type.

While you can expect to pay a large sum of money for the privileged of owning it, it’s hard not to be happy with the purchase after seeing it in action.

Main Features

An undercoating helps further protect you from UV rays where many other beach umbrellas just can’t.

Anything that gets through the fabric portion of the umbrella is immediately reflected through its tin foil-like layer.

It also comes with a vented cover (though not in a way that allows the sun through).

This helps wind pass through it, reducing the odds that a gust of wind will sacrifice your shade.

Lastly, the Nautica can tilt in two different directions, making it easier to continue blocking out the sun when one plans on staying outside for any significant amount of time.


  1. Excellent UV protection helps to protect one’s skin
  2. Vents reduce (though don’t eliminate) the odds that your umbrella will fly away on windy days
  3. A two-way tilt makes adjusting your umbrella according to the sun’s position a piece of cake


  1. High in price, the Nautica will definitely not be within everyone’s price range
  2. The initial setup may be a bit more tricky than with smaller beach umbrellas

The Verdict

If you have a high budget which allows for the purchase of a two hundred dollar umbrella, you’ll likely find your money well spent here.

It’s protective, it’s large and it tends to be very durable.

If you typically go to the beach with one or two other people, you’ll generally find it to give everyone ample shade without having to set up multiple umbrellas.

This makes it a great family purchase.

Overall, the price-to-quality ratio of the Nautica Beach Umbrella is great, no matter how high said price may be.

Fabric Steamer vs Iron – Which is Best?

Keeping your clothing fresh and pressed is essential for those in the workforce.

Wrinkle free clothing makes you feel finished and put together as you go about your day.

However, keeping clothing wrinkle free is a hassle.

In the past, the only choice you had was ironing, but now fabric steamers offer a convenient alternative to irons.

This review will explore the pros and cons of both methods for keeping your clothing wrinkle free.

Ironing Basics

Ironing uses a heated flat iron to remove the wrinkles from the fabric.

Wrinkles occur when long chain polymer molecules stick together and develop a curve.

The heat from the iron makes the molecules more pliable and the weight of the iron straightens them.

As they cool, they are able to hold their new shape.

This works well with polyesters.

Some molecules such as cotton require water to loosen the bonds between the molecules.

Irons have a steam setting for cottons and other fabrics that require water for removing the wrinkles.

Irons requires the use of a protected ironing board or another protected flat surface.

Steaming Wrinkles

Steamers remove wrinkles by applying steam to the garment.

The person puts on a protective mit, much like thick pad onto their hand.

It straps on at the forearm.

They hold the fabric to be steamed in this covered hand.

They grasp the steamer in the other hand and use the pad to hold the garment straight.

The steamer is passed over the fabric until the wrinkles disappear.

This process uses gravity as the main method to straighten the fibers.

The heat in an iron and in a steamer is similar.

Irons operate in the range from 180-220 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you compare steamer vs iron temperatures, the steamer is always in the upper range of temperature, from 212-240 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to modern fabrics, many of them no longer require high temperatures to remove the wrinkles, as the old cottons did.

For polyesters and other manmade fibers, a lower heat setting is preferred to assure that they do not scorch or melt.

For this reason, an iron might be the best choice for polyester and other manmade fabrics.

The care instructions for garments and fabrics usually state the preferred ironing temperature.

There may be cases where a steamer gets too hot for the job.

When it comes to the question of steamer vs iron, it depends on one’s preference.

Ironing certainly is an acquired skill and can be particularly difficult when it comes to odd shapes in the garment.

The steamer also takes coordination, but can handle odd pieces in the garment more easily than ironing.

Steamers and irons are comparable in price.

Both use the power of heat and water to do the job.

Steamers can do some garments that irons cannot, such as suit jackets.

However, irons can do fabrics that require lower heat settings, such as polyester.

Whether you buy a steamer or an iron depends on your needs and the types of garments that you intend to use it on and your particular skill with an iron.

Finding Authentic Coleman Stove Parts

W.C Coleman invented his first gasoline lamps in 1905.

Coleman lamps were an improvement over the smoky, flickering, kerosene lamps with their yellow light.

Since that time Coleman has been a leader in providing lights to places without electricity.

This idea extended to the development of Coleman stoves, a staple among outdoor enthusiasts.

There are many old Coleman stoves available, many of which are still usable if you can find authentic Coleman stove parts.

Safety First

Coleman makes several different types of stoves that use different fuels.

Coleman stoves are available that use butane, kerosene, propane, duel fuels, Powermax, and specialized Coleman fuel.

The most important consideration when replacing Coleman stove parts is to use only the parts that are designed for that particular stove and fuel type.

Switching parts between stoves can lead to an explosion hazard.

The best place to get the right part is directly from a Coleman dealer.

Older Coleman Stoves

If you happen to have an older Coleman stove, the same rule apples regarding getting the right part for your Coleman stove.

It is possible to find an older Coleman stove to use for spare parts, and there are some companies that specialize in replacement parts for older models.

Coleman typically only carries parts for newer models.

Tanks should never be reused if they have been repaired in the past or have a structural defect.

Safety Tips

If you will attempt to replace your Coleman stove parts yourself, it is important that you be aware of safety.

The fuels used are flammable and could cause injury or property damage.

The first rule is to make certain that the tank is empty.

It can be siphoned out using a fish tank tube and then properly disposed.

The work should always be carried out in an area with proper ventilation.

Fuel should always be stored in a clean container that is approved for the fuel type.

Always have a fire extinguisher near just in case.

When replacing Coleman stove parts, one should never use parts that are made for a different unit.

It might be noted that older models have a 3-piece fuel cap.

These are no longer allowed to be used and must be replaced with newer 1-piece fuel caps.

The work should never be performed near open flame or other sources of ignition.

It is possible to repair and old Coleman stove, but one should only attempt it if they are comfortable doing so.

Coleman stove parts are available for older and newer models.

The most important consideration is to get quality parts and to make certain that they are in good working order.

One should familiarize themselves with the process thoroughly before attempting to begin disassembly of the unit.

With a Coleman stove, one must think safety first above any other consideration.

If one does not feel comfortable making the repair themselves, there are businesses that specialize in this type of repair.

An old Coleman stove is a treasure for campers and anyone else who finds themselves working at remote locations.